PDF Voiceover Plugin
Nowadays, visually impaired individuals access to information by using the solutions provided by many visually impaired technologies. There are applications for accessibility in PC and Mobile environments, and these applications instantly voice existing content on the screen and transmit it to visually impaired individuals. Although such applications work for operating systems or browsers, they cannot vocalize because they cannot access the content of PDF documents. In order to find a solution to this problem, we developed the PDF Voiceover Plugin.
Many documents such as contracts, educational materials are available in PDF format and PDF Voiceover Plugin translates these documents for visually impaired individuals. Visually impaired individuals can control vocalization with pre-determined shortcuts. At the same time, visually impaired individuals can access voice translation by scanning the QR code attached to the corresponding physical documents in a virtual environment.
What are the benefits?
Visually impaired individuals can control vocalization with shortcuts.
Voice translation can be accessed by scanning the QR code which can be added to physical documents.
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